Quantum Industries

Cutting-edge Quantum Cryptography at highest security and data rates
Quantum Industries GmbH is specialised in cutting-edge quantum cryptography – Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).

iSEE Space

Driving the SSA autonomous satellite evolution.
iSEE delivers in-orbit and highly precise early collision warnings and proximity alerts.


A new approach to globally locate, quantify and track carbon dioxide, methane emissions and other greenhouse gases at an incredible speed and accuracy using a satellite constellation


The satellite data pipeline for space companies
Data management and multi-node parallel processing pipelines made intuitive

Spire Global

Spire global is a space-to-cloud data & analytics provider. 200+ nanosatellites in orbit deliver unique data of our planet for the sake of life on earth.


Ororatech with its unique global thermal infrared data platform will meet the ever-growing demand for space-based data.


GRASP SAS provides services in every area of remote sensing, especially in the observations of earth atmosphere and surface.