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GRASP SAS provides services in the observations of the Earth atmosphere and surface.

One specific activity of the company is the valorization of research development, by providing extensive services in utilization and adaptation of (Generalized Retrieval of Atmosphere and Surface Properties) GRASP open source code for processing diverse remote sensing observations.

GRASP is also the name of the highly accurate aerosol retrieval algorithm that processes properties of aerosol- and land-surface-reflectance. It infers nearly 50 aerosol and surface parameters including particle size distribution, the spectral index of refraction, the degree of sphericity and absorption. The algorithm is designed for the enhanced characterization of aerosol properties from spectral, multiangular polarimetric remote sensing observations. GRASP works under different conditions, including bright surfaces such as deserts, where the reflectance overwhelms the signal of aerosols. GRASP is highly versatile and allows input from a wide variety of satellite and surface measurements.

GRASP intends to be at the forefront of creating products for the study of air pollution and climate change. The World Health Organization’s 2021 Global Air Quality Guidelines cites global studies that point to poor air quality as “responsible for hundreds of millions of years of healthy life lost” and further that “almost all efforts to improve air quality can enhance climate change mitigation.” Therefore, our immediate focus will be to develop an advanced air quality product to forecast hazardous air pollution events and quantify past exposure. This will be accomplished by the launch of a constellation of GRASP Global advanced cubesats, integration of our data with other publicly available satellite data, climate models, and ground data using the GRASP SAS suite of analytical tools.

GRASP has offices in Lille / France, Washington DC / USA and Valladolid / Spain.

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