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Data management and multi-node parallel processing pipelines made intuitive.
Scaling algorithms on existing data or just now launching your first satellites? Tilebox is for you.


Data Management

Tilebox i/o reliably ingests satellite data, indexes metadata, and offers access through intuitive APIs.

Handle permissions through access tokens on a per-customer and per-token level.

Integrated Development Environment

Access data effortlessly through our Python clients. Develop algorithms, explore and safely share your Jupyter notebooks.

Then use the same code on a large scale.

This makes the transition from development to production seamless.

Parallel Data Processing

Define your multi-node processing workflows in Python or any other language.

Simplify your infrastructure: spin up nodes trivially on your notebook for development, on-premise or on your most efficient cloud node in minutes, not days.

Get notified when jobs are completed or failed, and collect all your logs in one place.

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